Red Riding

I have just graduated from my all girls school. It was fun when I was younger but, it got bored fast. I would listen to my cousins talk of the fun they had at school and I would feel a pinch jealous. I mean don't get me wrong, we had our shares of pranks n such but nothing that involved boys. I felt like i had been a chia girl grown in a box -unexposed to the elements needed to be successful and fearless to this point now. With a couple of months before university, at least I could use this time to play catch-up. I certainly didn't want to be the odd one out even though my parents say that the university is going to be full of odd ones other than me

My family, very nice and caring -try to be understanding but very religous, lol, much like the teachers of my school, but I don't feel the way they do about God and the afterlife. I had so many questions and I could not get the answers I needed from either of them. I wouldn't have dared to even start writing in a journal till now. You see, there are no locks on doors, no sense of  'real' privacy especially with God watching but now that I am old enough maybe I have earned some respect/trust. But just in case I have hidden this away and will not write anything more till i start school again. Very fun and against my parents most dire wishes, not only will I be attending one of the  great universtities of our province, but I will be living on campus. See you soon,

ps. I have decided on the name RRHood(Red Riding Hood)as my siggy, because I feel like she did in the stories, sheltered, innocent and among the wolves. My parents drilled into me that those who don't believe are wolves and to watch out for thier cunning lies. The only reason they finally gave into me joining this university rather than the christian one; was that I was to join the christian saints group for spiritual protection during 'my desert times' like Jesus as they put it.

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